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ANASTROZOLE (1mg/tablet*20 tablets)

Package: 1mg/tab.*20 tablets
Usage: oral
Produced by: Legend Pharmaceuticals
  • Model: ANASTROZOLE 1 pack.
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  • Manufactured by: Legend Pharmaceuticals

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    It has the form of a pill that can be used by people to avoid edema, Gynomstia. The remedy can be replaced by Tamoxifen Citrate, Clomid and other preparations. It I used from 25mg to 1mg daily or 5mg to 1mg the next new day. There are attested very high results with these pills.

The usage of the remedy
The remedy is used in such cases:
• In earlier fast growing breast tumor in postmenopausal period of women.
• Primary mammary malignancy in hormone receptor –positive postmenopausal women who had taken for several (2-3) years tamoxiphen.
• In highly developed mammary diseases postmenopausal women who have passed through a menopause. It works by decreasing the estrogen hormone level and this way helps decrease the malignancy and reduction of their extension.

How should the remedy be used?
    It is used by mouth with or without food, once a day usually or due to the prescription of the family doctor. Memorize that the tabs should be taken at the same time daily. It is forbidden to take pills more often or longer that is prescribed by your doctor. Follow the prescriptions, don’t break them. The drug is generally taken once a day. The remedy may be used by the patient up to five years.

How should Anastrozole be stored?
    Anastrozole should be kept at room temperature, not from moisture and heat.

Failed dosage.
    If you forgot to take the pills at the prescribed time take them as soon as you remember. If you have to take the next dosage wait and take the drug at the prescribed time and omit the failed dosage. It is forbidden to increase the dosage in order to recover the failed quantity.

What about overdose?
    In case you have taken an overdose please ask for physician’s emergency. Pay attention to whatever you feel in case of the overdose. There were not noticed symptoms of overdose.

Anastrozole side effects
Require physician’s help in case you have these symptoms:
An allergic reaction
Breathing problems
Inflammation of your face, mouth, tongue or throat
Call your doctor whether you feel one of these adverse effects:
• Sudden numbness or weakness, especially on one side of your body
• Unexpected headache, confusion, difficulty with vision, speaking, equilibrium
• Swollen glands
• A bone break
• Inflammation of your hands, feet
Less severe negative symptoms of the drug could be:
• Hot flashes
• Joint ache or inflexibility
• Weakness
• Sore throat
• Depression, mood change
• Nausea
• Back and bone pain

Note: there could be and other adverse side effects. In such a case consult the doctor for health advice concerning the negative effects

    Do not modify the dosage prescribed by your doctor. Your state will not change more rapidly but vice versa can grow the side effects in such a case. The drug is forbidden for feeding mothers and for pregnant women

    The drug can cause negative effects that can provoke disorder in your thinking or reactions. In case you drive or do something that requires concentration from you do not administrate the drug.


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