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IGF-1-LR3 0.1mg/vial

Package: 0.1mg/vial*10/vial/kit 1kit
Usage: Injectable
Produced by: Legend Pharmaceuticals
  • Model: IGF-1-LR3 1 kit
  • Units in Stock: 2012
  • Manufactured by: Legend Pharmaceuticals

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IGF-1-LR3 0.1mg/vial*10/vial/kit 1kit

Active component:IGF-1-LR3

Product :1*100mcg

Country :China

Activity:It is variable depending on the conditions and methods of injection

Dosage:Men 100mcg/day

Water Retention: Rare

High Blood Pressure: Rare

Other: a high anabolic activity/lack of androgenic activity

What is IGF-1-LR3?

 IGF-1-LR3,or is also called insulin like growth factor.mediates the human growth hormone.Notable effects of the drug include-increasing the performance of the human amino acid exchange, the increased level of protein syntheses, increase RNA synthesis, facilitating transport of glucose and fat metabolism,stimulating the generation of protein, reduction of protein breakdown. Insulin like growth factor is highly anabolic hormone,produced in the liver as a metabolite of growth hormones, and includes in its membership 83 amino acids.IGF-1-LR3 is one of the most powerful factors muscle fibres growth that are present in human body.

 The effective results of drug:

-average 14% of fat decrease

-average 8.8% increase the structures of the body and lean muscle

-improved skin texture resulting in a more youthful appearance

-Remove the wrinkles from skin

-Increased bone density, stopped osteoporosis

-Faster healing of any type of injury,fracture or wound

-Significantly increased immunity and resistance to infection

-Increased brain function,retention of intellect with aging

-improvement of Alzheimer and Parkinson syndromes

-improved sex drive

-The improvement in the fulles physical and mental well-being

-Improved training tolerance

-Improved mood,less depression and fatigue

-Improved heart and kidney function

-Large cardiac output

-Cellulite disappearing

-Cartilage reqeneration


-Body building


-Fat loss

-Get taller

-Any cases of diabetes

Method of Injection:

  Intramuscularly or subcutaneously, about an hour after training, Take the drug IGF-1 Long R3 only in case if your body receives the necessary amount of carbohydrates and protein, to build and form new muscle tissue. Only in this case drug using will be efective.

  The optimal dose of the substance IGF-1 Long R3 is 1mg/kg (in a vial containing 1 mg of material,equivalent to 1000mg).

  Thus, with a mass of 90 kg will be relevant a doe of 90 mg. Then depending on the frequency of administration and the frequency of training, one bottle will be enough for 4-6 weeks.

  The best effective duration for a course of IGF-1-LR3 is 50 days on as well 20-40 days off. The most administrated doses range between 20mcg each day to 120mcg daily.IGF is exposed in milligram; 1mg will give you a 50 day cecle at 20mcg day by day.The dose depending of how much money are going to spend user; A lot of persons take the lowest dose of 20mcg day by day and are satisfied with the results.

 Reception frequency:

Use after exercise or rest period for about 4-6 weeks.

Never overtake 120mcg in a day

Dissolve each vial by 1ml of water for injection. Insert twice daily :in the morning and training.

 IGF-1-LR3 uncommon effects:

If to take IGF-1-LR3 (long R3 IGF-1) in a dose bigger than 100mcg, will cause :



-can be taken by patients suffer of diabetes, for to decrease blood sugar level in case of hypoglycaemia

Using drug with other preparations:

  However ,to maintain the stability of the results must be combined reception Igtropina 100 with injections of insulin. Therefore ,adjustment training and courses of the drug is best done after consultation with qualified professionals.

IGF-1-LR3 Extradoses:

  Immediately ask help of emergency room.

IGF-1-LR3 Warnings:

 Talk to your specialist if u suffers from any diseases, before intake this medicine, particularly of:

-thyroid difficulties (e.g.hypothyroidism)

-brain disorders (e.g. cuts)

-Whichever dislikes.


Drug storage is carried out strictly in the refrigerator, in terms of temperature 2-8° C  degrees.

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