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SUSTANON 250 (250mg/ml)

Package: 1 vial *10ml (250mg/ml)
Usage: Injectable
Produced by: Legend Pharmaceuticals
  • Model: SUSTANON 10 vial
  • Units in Stock: 5461
  • Manufactured by: Legend Pharmaceuticals

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SUSTANON 250 (250mg/ml) 10 vial

Sale mark: SUSTANON 250 

Main component:

 Testosterone Propionate: 30mg/ml
Testosterone Phenylpropionate: 60mg/ml
Testosterone Isocaproate: 60mg/ml
Testosterone Decanoate: 100mg/ml

 Sustanon is a strong anabolic steroid that represents combination of 4 testosterone esters, which has ability to promote gaining muscle mass and strength, fat loose and protege muscle from catabolic process. This drug was made for fast and long action, which manage such disorders as: different features of hypogonadism, prevent osteoporosis, help women to become male, replenish lack of androgen, premenstrual syndrome, breast cancer in women.

How should be administrate Sustanon?
For to achieve the needed result by managing this drug, you should take Sustanon in follow order:
1) Take the drug as your doctor prescribe it to you 
2) The drug must be intake after meal or without it.
3) Don’t miss your scheduled medicine regularly.
4) During treatment is adviceable to be at a regular control, to avoid the negative response of preparation.

Side effects Sustanon:
Administration of this medication, especially in the high dose, can lead to an effect as is described below, but it doesn’t mean u will have it necessarily. Contact doctor if you notice any of these:
-Acne, seborrhoea, swelling, allergic reactions, increased libido, frequent erections, decreased volume of ejaculate;
-disruption of spermatogenesis and maturation of sperm;
-priapism, precocious puberty of boys, the increase in the size of the penis, premature closure of the epiphyses of bones;
-delay Na + and water, dizziness, nausea;
-pain, itching, and redness at the injection site;
-bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract, metrorrhagia, thrombophlebitis, cholestatic jaundice, increased activity of "liver" enzymes.
-With long-term use in women - virility syndrome (coarsening voice, excessive hair growth on the face and body), atrophy of the mammary gland, amenorrhea.

You can find much more information about interaction of this drug with human body, at your pharmacist. Ask this information.
- Stock all medicines you have far from reach of children,
- don’t share it with others,
- take the preparation only for the appoint reason.
-this is just a prospect which describes this medication. Before to take it, consult your specialist.
- Patients with hypertension, migraine, epilepsy during treatment are required regular medical supervision.
- It is very important, in case of long treatment period, to monitor Haemoglobin level.
- Cautionary should be intake by: patients with asthenic physique, elderly men, teens, boys (before puberty).
- It is prohibited to administrate Sustanon to a patients suffer of: Hypersensitivity, prostate cancer and / or breast cancer, gynecomastia, nephrosis or the nephrotic phase of nephritis,hypertrophy of the prostate gland with symptoms of urinary retention, hepatic / renal failure, hypercalcaemia, oedema, CHF, diabetes mellitus, history of myocardial infarction, widespread atherosclerosis, pregnancy and lactation.

Drug interaction:
    With the simultaneous use with inducers of microsomal oxidation enzymes (barbiturates, rifampicin, etc.) may reduce the effectiveness of testosterone

Extrataking of Sustanon
Symptoms: priapism. 
Treatment: discontinuation of therapy until symptoms disappear, followed by the appointment of lower doses.

Sustanon missed dosage: 
    Take ignored measure immediately you remember. If it is near to the next measure taking, drop the quantity you miss, and use only the follow scheduled dose. Don’t take double measure. Or ask advice at specialist.

Store drug in a place out of light, wet, warmth and babies.
Don’t share drug with other.
Don’t keep expired date medication.